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Jichael Mackson



Boris Steffen aka Jichael Mackson journey of sound exploration began in 1995 in Munich, where his innate curiosity for musical patterns would lead him to craft his art performing Live for the first time a year after. Boris founded Pastamusik in 1998, he released several records under his aliases Monaco Jam, Sista Bob and Boris Steffen and hosted some epic tech-house parties, highlighting a love-parade truck in 2000.

Jichael Mackson immersed himself on production and over the following years, performing live worldwide – including the now famous Panorama Bar in Berlin. A relocation to Munich and gigs at emblematic spots such as MUTEK, Flow Festival, Concrete, Resolute, MMA would prove seminal for defining his sound: intrinsically deep and minimal with an unmistakably early morning groove. Nobody knows like him to flow between Dub, Techno and Electronica.

Jichael Mackson has contributed with his art to several respectful labels like Phictiv, Liebe Detail, Stock5, Hartchef, Musique Risquèe, WIR, Compost, Kurbe or Ilian Tape to point a few. JM starts the new year strong releasing on Akkult, Serrialism, RFR and Teledub.