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At her most comfortable in the hazy glow of the morning, K.atou is the kind of DJ that prefers a time in the party where the edges are worn out and a more meaningful relationship can be struck up with the crowd. The Greek selector of course has the means to ignite any time of the night, but there is after all a certain magic that comes over a party’s later hours, when the crowd is ready to fully experience the sounds being presented to them.
It’s the same way K.atou felt as a child, worshipping at the altar of the family stereo and passionately taping her favourite jams (Josh Wink and Grandmaster Flash amongst them), immersing herself in record collecting at the age of 17 and starting a radio show during her studies in Corfu in her late teens. From these seeds a lifelong dedication to DJing emerged, deepening her education through time spent in London and Berlin. Around this time she began to forge connections with key conduits in the European house and techno scene, releasing early productions on Einmaliens alongside Nutown Project and on Lick My Deck in collaboration with Mikael Stavöstrand.
By 2009 K.atou was ready to move back to Athens and immerse herself in the scene in her home city. As well as occasional events of her own, she established residencies at the notorious Six D.O.G.S and Revolt! that continue to this day. Meanwhile her international DJing schedule blossomed as well, taking in key performances across Europe, Russia, South America and the U.S. Among the many highlights were DEMF after parties, regular appearances at Club Der Visionaere, Circo Loco and many more besides.
With her mind squarely focused on carving this dedicated path through DJing, she mantains her position at the forefront of the electronic music scene. The ingredients of her particular sound can be attributed to the classic realms of 90's house and techno from Detroit, Chicago and Frankfurt, with a penchant for the trippy, dubbed out and sublime. Both warm and distinctive in her approach, it's not hard to understadn how K.atou's craft has taken her so far already. The intrigue lies in wondering where it will take her next.